Real-time Address Capture
for Fintech

Create a seamless digital experience for financial institutions and
deliver the accuracy they need.

Reliable and cost effective address capture and verification

Fintech companies need to be able to keep up with its fast paced market. That’s why our address capture technology allows you to accurately expand your database and deliver a seamless digital experience at the same time.

With investors closely monitoring the tools you use, there’s no better time to partner with Autoaddress. We’re known for working with global organizations and government bodies, delivering excellence across the board.

Woman multitasking on her laptop and mobile phone call, pen in hand, representing the versatility of our Address Capture solutions in busy work environments.

Accurate, secure, and reliable data

Developed with GDPR and CCPA compliance in mind, our technology ensures secure and reliable data storage. With custom integrations and high performance across all devices, your Fintech company can easily integrate our technology into your existing systems.

Autoaddress also helps you avoid the costs associated with inaccurate data and allows you to focus your resources on building up your business, the right way!

Man using a laptop with a woman looking on, symbolizing collaborative fintech solutions enabled by our Address Verification technology

Data management that delivers more valuable insights than ever

With a focus on quality-driven, enriched data, your onboarding and reporting processes just got a whole lot easier. In providing you with easy access to the location data you need, all employees can benefit from our easy-to-use address solutions.

New addresses added all the time

Our data processes provide daily, weekly and monthly updates ensuring our address intelligence can capture accurate location data as you need it. From effective data management to geocode capabilities, as your Fintech company grows, Autoaddress can match its pace.

World map illustration with various map icons over different countries, showcasing the global reach of our Address Lookup and Verification services.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no hidden costs to set up your account. We even offer a free* trial to help you discover the benefits of our platform.
Our platform operates across different territories and the cost of sourcing the best data varies between each one. You can access more detailed pricing by clicking here. (Remember to select our PLUS PLAN to enable international lookups.)
Thanks to our auto-renewal feature, address capture is automatically enabled on your address form — meaning you’ll never miss an opportunity to capture new leads. If you do not wish to utilize auto-renew, you can disable this feature in the account center and stop any unwanted charges to your card.

Yes! Thanks to our free trial, you will be allocated a small number of lookups to begin testing. If you need to do more testing, you can purchase a low value plan directly from your account center. Alternatively, please contact us to speak to one of our experts.

We offer payment by invoice to customers who are purchasing annual plans. Invoices must be paid upfront. For monthly plans, please enter your credit card details into our fully encrypted account center.

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