• Autoaddress Windows Client

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Sep 21, 2012

    This blog is a second in a series of blogs describing new products and features that will be available in our October Autoaddress 1.8 launch.

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  • Autoaddress Account Centre

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Aug 24, 2012

    We've been a bit quiet lately with our blogs and updates, it's the usual story that we've been so busy with a major software and functionality upgrade that we haven't had the time to let our customers know what we're doing.

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  • Whose Staging is it Anyway?

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | May 16, 2012

    We've had a re-think recently regarding our infrastructure environments for Autoaddress. This blog will outline the issues and describe our new environment that will go live once customers have made required changes.

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  • Autoaddress Outage Report 16th March

    Posted by Peter Finch | Mar 21, 2012

    All three live Autoaddress servers failed almost simultaneously, causing a 3 minute outage of the service. We were poised to switch across to our backup service on Microsoft Azure Cloud, but the service was up and running again on Amazon before we had completed the manual transfer steps.

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  • Autoaddress for MapInfo in Pre-Release

    Posted by Owen Thornton | Mar 08, 2012

    GAMMA, Pitney Bowes MapInfo partner in Ireland, are currrently testing our pre-release of Autoaddress for MapInfo.

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  • New Features about to be released

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Mar 07, 2012

    We're finalising our testing on some new features, which are configurable via our Flags parameter.

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  • 3 Ireland reap benefits of autoaddress

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Apr 07, 2011

    We're delighted to announce 3 Ireland as the latest successful customer to go live with autoaddress. After an extensive examination of address solutions in the Irish market, 3 Ireland decided to integrate Autoaddress across their entire organisation.

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