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Posted by Pat Donnelly | Aug 24, 2020

The Autoaddress App will require a valid Eircode App Licence from 1st October 2020.  Licensing per organisation is based on the number of mobile app users and the number of address ​lookups they make.

Prices start at €125 plus VAT per annum for one user to find up to 1,000 addresses per annum.  Full pricing is provided in the table below where one credit = one successful address lookup.  You can save an address as a favourite or delivery and re-use repeatedly without incurring additional credit costs.

Credit packs expire and must be renewed when all credits have been used or after 12 months, whichever is sooner.  Credit packs are shared between the registered users, e.g. 10 users have 10,000 credits between them, not 10,000 each.

Credit Packs  Maximum Users Price
 1,000 Credit Pack   1 €125 
 2,000 Credit Pack   2 €250 
 3,000 Credit Pack   3 €375 
 5,000 Credit Pack   5 €495 
10,000 Credit Pack  10€950
20,000 Credit Pack  20€1,750
50,000 Credit Pack  50


> 50,000 credit pack >50

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Prices are exclusive of VAT.

The Autoaddress Eircode App Licence includes the required Eircode End User Licence Agreement from Capita Business Support Services Ireland Limited.


Why is the App no longer available for free?

The Autoaddress App was launched in May 2016 to demonstrate and promote the benefits of Eircode to delivery drivers, sales people, service engineers and the general public to accurately locate properties and get directions using Eircode.  This helped accelerate Eircode adoption in the delivery industry, especially as Google Maps integration of Eircode was still a number of months away.  With over twenty seven thousand monthly users searching for one million addresses and navigating to four hundred thousand of them each month (as of July 2020) its safe to say we've achieved our original goal of promoting Eircode adoption with our app.

All costs relating to software development, support, Eircode licensing costs and Google licensing costs have been borne by Autoaddress in order to provide our free app.  We have decided to move to a paid model in line with our other Eircode based products, the additional revenue will fund further development of the app which has remained effectively unchanged since its launch. 

I don't want to pay for the app, are there any free alternatives?

You can enter an Eircode directly into Google Maps to get directions.  Please note that Google update their Eircode address data approximately every two years so newer Eircodes ​will not be recognised.

You can use Eircode Finder on your mobile for free in line with the terms and conditions of the site.  Eircode Finder always has the most up to date information on addresses and Eircodes in Ireland and you can use it to get directions on your ​mobile ​with Google Maps or Apple Maps.

​Can I just pay a once-off fee to use the app?

Due to licensing restrictions relating to third party data we are not able to provide a paid app that allows unlimited address lookups for a once off fee.  Licensing ​requirements also make it too onerous for us to charge an annual fee or top-up fee for each individual user.  The model we have chosen is to license businesses/organisations directly who then add their employees/agents to their account.

Can I still access my saved favourites and deliveries?

You will be able to access them until 1st October.  We advise that you record the information now as you won't be able to access the data after 1st October​.

How do I add my delivery drivers to my account so they can use the app?

Contact our Eircode App sales team who will get you signed up to our Eircode App Licence.  Once licensed, you simply provide us with the mobile phone numbers of your drivers and we register them against your account.  When they login to the App they'll be sent a PIN code verification as a text message.  Each driver only needs to login once, after that the App operates as normal.

Are there any limitations on ​the users I can add to my account?

They must be employees or agents of your business/organisation to comply with the terms and conditions of the Eircode End User Licence Agreement.

Are there any new features in the App?

We plan to release a new version of the App in Q4 2021 that supports the following features:

Cloud Backup
Favourites and deliveries are automatically synced to the cloud, when you change mobile phones you keep all your data.

Optimise Route for up to 120 deliveries
Significant increase from the current limit of 23.

Re-enable Sharing
Sharing is currently disabled due to licensing considerations.

Driving Distance for a viewed address
Currently the app only shows crow-flies straight line distance.

In 2022 we plan to release a version of the App with support for Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK and add further delivery optimisation functionality.

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