5 Projects and Insights From the Last 5 Years

Posted by Kaity Klonowski | Jul 03, 2020

5 projects & insights from last 5 years

Eircode is turning 5! 

Autoaddress were thrilled to be members of the Capita Consortium chosen to design, develop, and roll-out Eircodes in Ireland. Autoaddress was responsible for designing the Eircode format, and we were also responsible for creating the Eircode address database - the first of its kind in Ireland.  

It’s been a great five years with Eircode, and we’re looking forward to many more. We’ve had the chance to work across varied industries and have had the opportunity to help so many improve not only their business, but also their lives. In honor of that, we wanted to reflect on a few projects and insights that we think best capture the importance of Eircode (and a few surprises along the way!).  

Here’s a few of our favourite projects and insights from the last 5 years:  

 1. SUSI 

SUSI grants system was upgraded in 2016 to use Eircode to calculate how far students must travel to college and the resultant level of payment they are due. Paul Spring, ICT Manager at Student Universal Support Ireland, reviewed the results of Eircode and Autoaddress implementation, finding that it helped them save time and provide a better service. 

Eircode saved SUSI 2666 hours over six months. Paul also noted that the implementation process was simple. Linking Autoaddress to Google maps has allowed SUSI to automate a previously time-intensive manual process and to improve customer service and internal efficiencies. 

The benefits to date have been amazing, including: 
- accuracy (of address/location), 
- removal of data-entry errors, 
- consistency in application of the scheme, 
- increased automation, 
- time-saving – 2666 hours saved in the initial six months, with thousands more hours saved since! 

2. Logistics 

We’re happy to say that Autoaddress has been able to significantly improve logistics for many companies in many industries. For instance, Bank of Ireland was in need of Autoaddress in order to streamline their logistics and ensure the data they had on file for customers was as accurate as possible.  
Here's what Saoirse Allen, a marketing executive at Bank of Ireland, had to say about Autoaddress:  
"We manage marketing campaigns to customers and we mail out payment devices to them.  So we had a contact book that we wanted to update and ensure we had the best customer contact details on file.  We had had problems in the past with bad or out of date details.  That creates problems with devices not getting to the right place or being delayed, then we have to deal with the customer on to us etc.  So, we knew we needed to use you guys to help tidy that up for us.    

I think the biggest value add was, well there were a couple of them.  Having the addresses cleaned really helped with this particular marketing campaign, it made it much easier to get it done.   So not only having the addresses correct made a difference but then, because we had a 90% accuracy rate on our postings that allowed us to get a reduced postage rate from An Post.  That gave us a 30% cost saving which is significant.    

The cost saving was great and then the better flow for the mailouts, that really was the most impact we saw.  My team was very happy with everything, we were able to manage things from our end, there wasn’t any issues or friction, everything worked great." 

By knowing more about your customer’s location, you can increase or create a single client view. Our address verification API or data cleansing services can help you locate, identify and understand your customers. Our solution allows you to validate an address’s deliverability, enhance and streamline operations, and reduce overheads. Implementing our address verification API or taking advantage of our data cleansing and appending services will enable you to save time, eliminate errors, automate checks and balances, and increase the quality of your data – and can scale with you.   

3. Pieta House 

Pieta House faced a challenge having to process a high volume of t-shirt returns due to incorrect addresses entered during the registration process for Darkness Into Light. Darkness Into Light is Pieta House's flagship annual fundraising and awareness event, organised in May each year. Autoaddress was implemented in the Pieta House website, speeding up address capture while also validating the address at the point of entry. 

Validating the address in real-time, while maintaining it in the user’s preferred format, ensured accurate deliveries and an improved experience for mobile users, streamlining the checkout process and increasing customer satisfaction. Autoaddress allows users to enter their "preferred address" which is stored in the client’s CRM system; this is just one of the many address-intelligent features unique to Autoaddress. 

Autoaddress implementation also resulted in an additional benefit: implementation of address validation software eliminates the possibility of personal data (e.g. name) being entered in inappropriate data fields, e.g. address fields, helping with GDPR compliance. 

4. Insurance Benefits For Rural Areas  

Thanks to Autoaddress and Eircode, insurance companies can spend less time validating address information. An Eircode allows insurance agencies to determine exactly where a property is located. They can then quote a price and confirm the level of available cover straight away, meaning shorter customer journeys and a better experience all round.  

We’re also able to assist with accurate insurance pricing - where you live is a key determining factor of how insurance companies price many types of insurance. The risk of certain losses occurring (e.g. flood, theft) differs from area to area. Before, especially in more rural locations, if a certain area was considered a floodplain, the entire area would be denied insurance – even if you lived at the top of a hill while your neighbour was down at the bottom. It was all the same prior to Eircode. Now with Autoaddress and Eircode, insurance companies are able to accurately price each property individually. Insurers can be confident that their pricing is more accurate and reflects the level of risk associated with a particular property.   

5. Delivery Surge

We were surprised to see a massive increase in API call activity from 6-9pm each night soon after Eircode launched. What could be causing that, you wonder? After investigating, we realised it was coming from a surge of delivery drivers delivering takeaway!  

Industry leaders in delivery and logistics have adopted Eircode and Autoaddress to streamline their data, ensure addresses are correct, and find delivery addresses with ease. Autoaddress will help you provide rapid address capture for your or your customers eCommerce websites and integrate Click & Collect from you, the retailer, or third party network. We also work with all major delivery services and their drivers so you can get real-time updates from our App!  

The next time you order takeaway for dinner – think of Eircode!  


Today, we continue to append Eircodes to millions of address records. Ireland's address structure is unique from any others -  It provides challenges not experienced in other countries. But we don’t see it as a roadblock, but rather an opportunity; thanks to our continued commitment to innovation, we have created a comprehensive suite of products and services to fit the needs of businesses in Ireland and beyond.  


Autoaddress is the solution to Ireland's addressing problem. Our team of skilled application architects, software developers, project managers and technical support specialists are here to help you optimise your business. We help you reach your clients, capture accurate addresses, and understand your clients. Get in touch today! 


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