Autoaddress Status Page

Posted by Kaity Klonowski | Nov 04, 2019


You can visit our API status page at anytime using this link: You will be able to determine if the Autoaddress API is experiencing any issues, or has experienced an issue in the past 24 hours.

We have tried to ensure our status page doesn't suffer from the two most common problems associated with status pages

1. Status page is down when the service is down
2. Status page is low priority to update when there is an issue

Our status page is separated from the rest of our infrastructure and should be available even if the API is experiencing issues.

Our status page takes a live feed from our log files and displays this information on a Google Map in real-time, as well as updating the API calls counter for the day.  Our service is in use 24/7 so you should see activity no matter what time you visit the page.  If we're too busy fixing a problem to update the status page then the lack of markers dancing on the map is a clear indication that the service is not operating normally.

Autoaddress customers can also log into the Account Centre and see the real time usage of their production licence keys for their account.

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