Using Autoaddress and Eircodes in Dynamics CRM

Posted by Monika Ghita | Dec 01, 2016

During the recent Eircode Success Stories Conference, Jon Hawkins, IS Project Leader at Waterford City & County Council, reported on the implementation of Eircode and on how Autoaddress is driving efficiencies.

In the last three months Autoaddress has been used to locate 58% of cases:
- when Autoaddress is used cases are assigned correctly first time and are resolved quicker
- Autoaddress functionality is also available within contact forms and is being used to remove duplication and clean up lists
- operational planning, budgeting, prevention and cross-referencing will improve in time.

One of the main benefits for Waterford is in locating incidents/cases when they are recorded; 80-90 per cent of cases reported to the Council have a location component. Previously staff were expected to pick a townland from a list of 1,663 townlands so that an incident could be located within the county. They also had to pick which team would need to respond to the incident.

At present, Waterford City and County Council are using Autoaddress in their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to provide rapid capture of customer contact addresses and Eircodes.


Eircode and Autoaddress offer address accuracy that was not possible before by solving the problem of non-unique townland names in the county. This leads to significant operational time saving improvements.

Waterford City and County Council faced a challenge locating non-unique addresses which account for 24% of all 58,260 addresses within City and County. Having created a simplified set of 12 operational engineering areas, now Waterford not only have the location for an incident but using that location they know which team will need to fix the incident.



Jon Hawkins states:

“Autoaddress has been implemented within Dynamics CRM and has proven very useful for the rapid capture of the Customer Contact’s Address and Eircode, as well as allowing us to geo-locate the reported incident."

The Autoaddress CRM integration has been working very well for the case and contact entities, and Waterford are now considering making use of Autoaddress mandatory when creating a case. They are also currently looking at public facing web forms using Autoaddress.


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