Eircode Success Stories Conference 2016 - Key Takeaways

Posted by Monika Ghita | Nov 03, 2016

On Tuesday, Autoaddress hosted a conference at the Marker Hotel in Dublin focussed on sharing experiences of implementing solutions using the new Irish postcode system, Eircode.

Eircode was launched in July 2015, and the past 15 months have seen many organisations implement and deploy Eircode solutions within their business. The Eircode Success Stories Conference offered a unique opportunity to learn from the experience of a wide range of public and private sector organisations.

We were particularly delighted by plaudits and testimonials from speakers using Autoaddress with Eircode, to get highly impressive results, which included:

- Time savings – 2,666 hours within a 6-months period;
- Increased conversions;
- Enhanced customer experience;
- Increased business efficiency;
- Accuracy and removal of data entry errors.

Richard Garry, the Conference Chair, kicked off the morning by welcoming all delegates and introducing the speakers, which included Nightline Group, Gamma Ltd, Microsoft, Waterford City & County Council, Student Universal Support Union (SUSI), Bonkers Money Ltd, Autoaddress and Eircode. Following all the fantastic presentations, Denis Naughten, T.D, Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources gave a closing address, outlining the importance of the implementation of Eircodes in Ireland.

For those who missed the conference, we have listed a snapshot of some interesting insights, facts and figures from the speakers.

Brian Quinn, Group Marketing Manager at Nightline Group, spoke about how Nightline delivers innovation with Eircodes. Eircode helps the company provide a better service to its customers, assisting next day delivery optimisation. Nightline are hiring 150 additional staff on the back of improvements delivered by Eircodes and Autoaddress and through increases in ecommerce business.

Nightline - Autoaddress

Feargal O’Neill, MD of Gamma,
gave some interesting insights into the positive impact of Eircodes on the Irish insurance sector. Using GAMMA’s Perilfinder system that incorporates Autoaddress, significant benefits have been recorded in underwriting, accumulations reporting, claims management, marketing and fraud detection.  Among many use cases, Eircode helps insurance companies comply with Solvency II requirements.

Gamma - Eircode 

David Nagle, the
Channel Manager for Microsoft Business Solutions (Partner Sales Executive), brought great energy to the stage and gave an insightful presentation on how Eircode provides opportunities for digital transformation. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a common platform with Eircode, assisting with data interoperability.

Microsoft - Autoaddress 

Jon Hawkins,
IS Project Leader at Waterford City & County Council, reported on the implementation of Eircode and on how Autoadress is driving efficiencies. One of the main benefits for Waterford is in locating incidents/cases when they are recorded; 80-90 per cent of cases reported to the Council have a location component. With a big problem of non-unique townland names in the county, Eircode and Autoaddress are offering address accuracy not possible before. This leads to significant operational time saving improvements.

Waterford Coco - Autoaddress 

Paul Spring, ICT Manager at Student Universal Support Ireland,
reviewed the results of an Eircode and Autoaddress implementation, finding that it helped them save time and provide a better service. Eircode saved SUSI 2666 hours in the last six months. Paul also noted that the implementation process was simple. Linking Autoaddress to Google maps has allowed Susi to automate a previously time-intensive manual process and to improve customer service and internal efficiencies.

SUSI - Autoaddress 

William Kennedy, Ruby on Rails Developer at Bonkers Money Ltd
, gave some interesting insights into the impact Eircode has had on the business. Eircode allowed Bonkers to rebuild a better broadband selection process for their users. Some massive improvements were seen across the business. Customers have reported an improved user experience through using the new site and the stats back this up.

Bonkers and Autoaddress 

Caoimhin Blake, Team Lead at Autoaddress
, demonstrated some of the Autoaddress features, showing the audience ways to get the maximum benefit from Autoaddress and Eircode. Autoaddress is a continually learning application where new address variations and local usage cases are constantly added. Automatic matching rates are thus always improving.


Alan Dignam
, Commercial Director at Eircode, gave an update on the level of the nation’s Eircode usage. Tremendous progress has been made since its launch across the public and private sector, and some key partnerships have been formed with SatNavs, the National Ambulance Service and Garda Siochana Crime Prevention Unit.

Eircode - Autoaddress 

Denis Naughten, T.D., Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
, finished up the event, highlighting the benefits of Eircode for Irish businesses and consumers. He reminded us of the importance of Eircode for the National Ambulance Service, which can now respond to emergencies faster. He also reiterated the Government’s continued support for expanding Eircode usage throughout the public sector.


Overall it was an insightful and successful conference, with excellent speakers, that was well attended. It brought a very positive message that the implementation of Eircode is not a difficult process and can bring enormous advantages to any business.

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