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Posted by Pat Donnelly | Mar 08, 2016

We're making good progress on our Mobile App, here's a video preview of it in action.  Click on the video for full screen playback.


Video Timeline

0:00 Enter an address or Eircode using Autoaddress 2.0 address entry API.

0:12 Address found and displayed

0:13 Address displayed on integrated Google Maps

0:17 Tapping the Locate me button shows your location in relation to the found address

0:23 ​Tapping the Directions button shares the address with your installed Navigation App, e.g. Google Maps, for turn-by-turn driving directions

0:28 Tapping Save gives the option to save the address to your favourites. You can store many addresses for each favourite, in this example we are adding another Insomnia to an existing favourite.

0:51 Tapping Save gives the option to Add to Deliveries

0:57 Tapping the Share button gives the option to share the address using your installed apps.  In this case we choose to send an SMS link that includes the Eircode.  The receiver can click on the link and it will open in their Autoaddress App (or prompt them to install the app)

1:12 Tapping the My Location button uses the phones GPS to locate you and displays your location on Google Maps.

1:19 Tapping the Get Address button returns the nearest address to your location.

1:32 Tapping the Map button allows you to get another address.  In this case the middle of O'Donnovan Rossa Bridge which doesn't have an Eircode, so we return the what3words location.

1:51 We return the what3words location and also a nearby address.  This location can also be shared.

2:06 Tapping the what3words button allows you to enter a what3words location.  In this case is the location of The Spire on O'Connell Street.  What3words locations can be saved to Favourites in the same way as Eircode addresses, and can also be added to Deliveries.

2:55 Tapping the Delivery button displays all of the deliveries we've added.  The default sort order is by order of entry, with the Eircode/what3words displayed with the address.  On the right you can see the Delivery Zone displayed as explained in our previous blogs here and here.  A Delivery Zone is available for all deliveries, both Eircode addresses and what3words locations.

3:00 Tapping the Notes button after expanding a delivery allows you to enter details about the delivery, e.g. contact details.

3:08 Tapping the gear icon allows you to Sort Delivery ​Zones (and also by shortest route via Google, not included in this demo).  This groups deliveries together based on their Delivery Zone.  You can also manually drag and drop orders to re-order manually.

3:20 Tapping the Show on Map option displays all of the deliveries on the integrated Google Maps, using their sort order as the display symbol.  Tapping on a symbol displays its address, whether and Eircode address or what3words address.

3:48 You can mark a delivery as completed by tapping the Done button for a delivery.  It is highlighted in green and if you expand it you can see the time of delivery and the distance from the phones recorded location to the delivery location in metres.

4:03 In offline-mode you can use and share all of your favourites, and send the location of a delivery to an installed Navigation App that works offline.  If you try to get your location while offline we display the what3words for your current location, and the location accuracy.  You can share this location by the usual method.

4:41 We finish the demo by finding Autoaddress D08 XY00

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