• Irish Times: Eircode comes good and finds its true direction

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Dec 17, 2020

    On an afternoon in March five years ago, a small team of six people packed into a cramped office room in central Dublin’s Winetavern Street assigned the final Eircode to Ireland’s 2,277,037 addresses. It was Friday 13th. But despite the ominous date, Pat Donnelly, who had led the team over four years developing the world’s first national postcode system to identify every individual address in a country was elated.

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  • What is Eircode?

    Posted by Kaity Klonowski | Apr 06, 2020

    The creation and introduction of the Eircode was a game-changer for Irish addressing. Before 2015, Ireland was one of the few developed countries that didn't have a defined postal system. Part of the complexity involved the fact that over 35% of properties share their address with at least one other property.

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  • Eircode Q218 Housing Supply Update

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Aug 08, 2018

    There really isn't any good news in these figures, the increase in available residential units is insufficient to meet demand, and the rate of increase is not enough to provide optimism that it will meet demand this year. There was an increase of 4,563 residential ​units in the second quarter, with a further 10,285 under construction. This compares with 3,581 new residential units in the same quarter last year (increase of 27%) and 6,189 under construction (increase of 66%).

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  • Eircode at Three: the quiet success story

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Jul 10, 2018

    As Eircode celebrates its third birthday on 13th July we review the two most common Eircode questions: how often is it used, and who is using it?
    Our customers ​made over 100 million Eircode address lookups in the past year. The vast majority of these are via our real-time address capture control deployed on Customer websites.
    This compares with 35 million in the prior 12 month period, a year-on-year increase of 188%
    Our mobile app continues to go from strength to strength, used regularly by twelve thousand courier/delivery drivers every month

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  • Eircode Q118 Housing Supply Update

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | May 14, 2018

    There was an increase of 3,867 residential ​units in the first quarter, with a further 9,266 under construction. This compares with 3,452 new residential units in the same quarter last year (increase of 12%) and 5,875 under construction (increase of 57.7%). The good news is there is a marked increase in construction activity, the bad news is that it has yet to translate into a marked increase in available residential units.

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  • Eircode Q417 Housing Supply Update

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Mar 07, 2018

    We have analysed the Eircode Address Database (Quarter 4 2017) to ​establish the increase in total residential units in Ireland in 2017. There was an increase of 4,372 residential addresses from October to ​December. The full year increase in residential units for 2017 was 16,047, with a further 8,158 under construction. This compares with figures of 14,889 and 5,387 for 2016, an increase of ​7.8% in new residential units with a ​51% increase in units under construction. The breakdown by County...

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  • Two years after launch: Who is using Eircode?

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Jul 08, 2017

    Two years already? Eircode was launched on 13th July 2015, and as its second birthday approaches this blog provides an update on Eircode usage by our customers. Which industries use Eircode the most? This table gives the top industry users of our API ranked by number of API calls.​

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  • Autoaddress 2.0 exceeds 100k daily address transactions

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Feb 08, 2017

    In recent weeks our real-time address entry solution Autoaddress 2.0 has surpassed 100,000 address transactions per day. While our API may be called multiple times per address, an address transaction equates to each individual address that has been entered via our customers' websites, apps, CRM, etc. Total API calls (excluding autocomplete keystrokes) average over 2.5 million per week.

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  • Reducing Eircode licensing costs

    Posted by Pat Donnelly | Feb 05, 2017

    The inclusion of eircodes in Google Maps API allows free use of Eircode information on free, publicly accessible websites up to a certain level of usage with low incremental costs. No ECAF/ECAD license is required for these implementations. For a better user experience or more sophisticated requirements then an ECAF based solution that integrates with Google Maps API provides a cost effective solution for business

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  • Conference: Eircode Success Stories, 1st November 2016

    Posted by Monika Ghita | Oct 25, 2016

    Join us for a FREE half-day conference on Eircode Success Stories, which will take place on Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 at the Marker Hotel in Dublin from 8:30 am until lunchtime. Many organisations have now implemented Eircode solutions within their businesses, and this event offers a unique opportunity to learn from their experience.

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