Top 10 Reasons to use eircode

Top 10 Reasons to use eircode

Listed infographic presenting the top 10 reasons to adopt Eircode for reliable address capture and verification.

1. Emergency Services

Since August 2016 the National Ambulance Service has been using Eircodes to help make it quicker and easier to locate an address in an emergency. Providing an Eircode in addition to an address can help the Emergency Call Taker and Emergency Medical Dispatcher swiftly and accurately identify a caller’s location.

2. Validate Information

Unlike other countries where postcodes define a cluster or group of addresses, a unique Eircode is assigned to each residential and business address, giving you the opportunity to validate the address a customer or client gives you. 

3. Giving Directions

Do you live in that house past the crossroads with the bendy driveway, across from a tree that only blows to the left when its windy? Save your friends and family a bit of trouble and send them your Eircode – they’ll find your address on the first try! 

4. Online Shopping

Ordering new clothes, some bits for your latest DIY project, and some new hair clippers? Ensure your much-needed deliveries get to you as soon as possible – enter your Eircode at checkout!  

5. Insurance Policy

An Eircode gives Insurance companies your exact location, which helps them to better determine your insurance policy. This ensures your insurance policy is as accurate as possible, saving you time and money in the process.

6. Ordering Takeaway

If you are making use of the contactless delivery services being offered by Cafes, takeaways & food producers, help them get to you faster by providing an Eircode to eliminate address confusion or requests for additional directions.

7. Route Planning

Planning service schedules and delivery routes? Eircode makes it easier for you to find delivery and pick-up points and plan them in an order that makes the most sense for you. 

8. Grocery Delivery

Don’t enjoy the grocery shopping so much and choosing to do it online? Provide your Eircode at checkout to make sure your groceries get to you on time! 

9. Improve Business Processes

By capturing and storing Eircodes, you’ll provide your customers with a more efficient, user-friendly service, boosting your reputation and driving success in Ireland.

10. Pizza Delivery

Give your kitchen a break for the night – enter your eircode when ordering Pizza to help your delivery find you! 

The Autoaddress Solution

To access Eircode information effectively, you need the gold standard of Eircode Address Validation. That’s where we come in.  

Autoaddress is the leading supplier of Eircode address solutions in Ireland. Since 2000, we have been helping customers in every industry, from government and financial to retail and insurance and beyond.  

Not only did we design the Eircode format, but we also encoded 46 million government address records – in short, we know what we’re doing.  

Ireland’s non-standard addresses require a custom solution.  Our experience will save you time and money. Our team and our processes are quality driven, continuously improving and the best in the industry.  

You can start attaching Eircodes to your customer records in two ways; with our custom API software and with our Data Processing services.   

Not only will our custom API allow you to capture addresses effectively on your website or crm system, but we can also append eircodes to your existing address records, without having to ask your customers for the information. This accelerates the benefits of Eircodes to your business at a reduced cost. 

Eircode enable your organisation. Try it for free today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Using an Eircode ensures precise location identification, eliminating address confusion. Whether it's pizza, online shopping, or groceries, entering an Eircode ensures timely and accurate deliveries.

Since 2016, the National Ambulance Service utilizes Eircodes to swiftly locate addresses during emergencies. Providing an Eircode helps Emergency Call Takers and Medical Dispatchers identify a caller’s location more efficiently.

Autoaddress is the premier Eircode address solution provider in Ireland. We offer Eircode Address Validation, custom API software for businesses, and can integrate Eircodes into existing customer records, ensuring businesses operate more efficiently.