Improve Customer Experience with Autoaddress

Improve Customer Experience with Autoaddress

Visual representation of enhanced customer experience through effective address capture and verification.

The Full Package

Creating an exceptional eCommerce experience is crucial to any brand’s success.  

Complicated checkout pages can lead to abandoned carts and consumers frequently won’t return to a retailer if they experience a frustrating checkout or delivery delays – even when the retailer is not at fault.   

eCommerce retailers are on the hook for their entire customer experience – an already daunting task that can be further complicated by their own customers. However, this problem can be solved by having a deeper understanding of where your customers are located. By knowing more about their location, you can increase or create a single client view. Our address verification API can help you locate, identify and understand your customers. Our solution allows you to validate an address’s deliverability, enhance and streamline operations, and reduce overheads. Implementing our address verification API will enable you to save time, eliminate errors, automate checks and balances, and increase the quality of your data – and can scale with you.  

​How Autoaddress Can Help

Autoaddress’ verification solutions gives you another layer of advantage with a precise customer location. Using our address verification solution, you can:

1. Improve customer service and brand perception.
Happy customers who get their package on time are more likely to return, and recommend your business.

2. Cleanse and enrich your data.
Standardise and remove duplicates for every address entered into your CRM, minimising database maintenance. 

3. Ensure accuracy.
Data entered in your database is accurate upon entry – no need to fix later on. Our address validation software can catch typos and formatting errors before you send the parcel, ensuring you deliver products to the right customers.

4. Refine your checkout experience.
Automatically suggest deliverable addresses, decreasing the time it takes to complete the checkout process and increasing your conversion rates.

5. Increase operational efficiency while saving money.
Sending undeliverable packages doubles postage costs. Redelivering an order triples postage costs. Capture valid addresses to decrease your postage costs and eliminate deliver errors.

6. Decrease your carbon footprint. 
Optimised delivery routes and fewer return trips for undelivered packages reduces your company’s overall environmental impact, an important factor for consumers. 

Whether built into your public website or integrated with your internal systems, our API can help you reduce operating costs and improve customer service.  

Learn more about the power of verified address data and our API to find out how you can take full advantage of our service. 

Autoaddress App 

Find any Eircode for FREE. With maps, directions, deliveries and more! Now available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store – 

Detailed infographic showcasing the features and benefits of the Autoaddress app for address capture and verification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Address verification ensures a seamless checkout experience, reduces delivery errors, and prevents cart abandonment. It provides a deeper understanding of customer locations, enabling better service and efficient operations.

Autoaddress improves customer service and brand perception, ensures database accuracy, refines the checkout process, and captures valid addresses. This leads to timely deliveries, reduced costs, and a better overall customer experience.

By optimizing delivery routes and reducing return trips for undelivered packages, the solution minimizes the company's carbon footprint, aligning with consumer preferences for environmentally responsible brands.