How Address Verification Will Help Your E-Commerce Business

How Address Verification Will Help Your E-Commerce Business

Visual on how address verification using Autoaddress enhances the e-commerce business experience.

Address verification ensures that the address data you collect is accurate, up to date, and standardized. It’s an essential part of any business – especially those in e-commerce.  

Not only will address verification improve the customer experience, but it will also save your business time, money, and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.  

Here’s why your e-commerce business should invest in address verification:

  1.  Increase conversion. According to Baymard Institute, the average cart abandonment rate is 69.57%. Our address verification software improves the customer journey and reduces cart abandonment rates. 
  2. Save time and money on returned shipments, undeliverable packages and failed delivery fees. Every time you send mail to a non-existent address, you get it back. The money you spend on mailing the parcel or promotional material is wasted. Our address verification software solves that problem!  
  3. Enhance effectiveness of data analytics. Accurate data can be used in location analytics to see where your customers are based – giving you more insight into their behavior. 
  4. Improve customer service and brand perception. Happy customers who get their package on time are more likely to not only return, but also recommend your business.
  5. Improve effectiveness of direct marketing activities. You’ll save money on postage when you have correct address information. 
  6. Address auto-complete functionality has automatic real-time verification and enhances the user experience on your website. This results in better online checkout and registration experience. 
  7. Data entered in your database is accurate upon entry – no need to fix later on. Our address validation software can catch typos and formatting errors before you send the parcel, ensuring you deliver products to the right customers.
  8. Accurate addresses improve customer satisfaction through faster deliveries and optimised routes for delivery.
  9. Decreased carbon footprint. Optimised delivery routes and fewer return trips for undeliverable packages reduces your company’s overall environmental impact.

Autoaddress is here to help you improve the efficiency of your ecommerce logistics.

Beyond the benefits listed above, we will help you provide rapid address capture for your or your customers eCommerce websites and integrate Click & Collect from you, the retailer, or third party network. We also work with all major delivery services and their  drivers so you can get real-time updates from our App!  

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with Autoaddress today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Address verification enhances the customer journey, reducing cart abandonment rates. For instance, the Baymard Institute cites an average cart abandonment rate of 69.57%, which can be mitigated with efficient address verification.

Address verification ensures accurate deliveries, reduces return shipments, optimizes data analytics, enhances customer service, saves on direct marketing costs, and offers real-time auto-complete functionality for a seamless checkout experience. It also ensures database accuracy and promotes environmental responsibility by optimizing delivery routes.

Autoaddress offers rapid address capture for e-commerce websites, integrates Click & Collect options, and collaborates with major delivery services to provide real-time updates. This comprehensive solution streamlines the delivery process, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction.