Zurich Insurance

Posted by Autoaddress | Sep 01, 2020

zurich insurance

Zurich Insurance was in need of our API in order to better capture customer addresses and streamline logistics and communications. 

Here's what Robert Moss, a senior data & GIS analyst at Zurich, had to say about Autoaddress: 

"Everything is working well since the implementation in 2012.We rarely have any issues.  The address matching is very good.  The system seems very stable and reliable.   

The API has made a significant difference and made the accuracy much much higher.  I think definitely the more people that are aware of the Eircodes, the more it’s been adopted.  Previously when it was launched the awareness was minimal. And now the couriers like DHL and Nightline making it a requirement more and more people are using it and know they need to have it available.  So with increasing public awareness, the use will definitely increase.   

Everything you provide works really well, very stable.  I don’t think there are any issues."

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