Vodafone Ireland

Posted by Autoaddress | Apr 30, 2020

Vodafone Ireland
Vodafone Ireland was in need of enhanced customer data based on their respective locations.

Here's what William Roche, a strategic analyst at Vodafone Ireland, had to say about Autoaddress: 

“I wouldn’t be able to give a specific number but it [Autoaddress] has had a massive impact, absolutely huge, there’s been a lot I know of profit generated from the work Autoaddress did for us – definitely a huge huge impact, very positive.

We absolutely would not be able to do what we’re doing now and doing so well with it without Autoaddress – it's been massively helpful, gave us tons of information really – really very very helpful.

We’ll definitely be making more money this year going forward, thanks to Autoaddress." 

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