Posted by Autoaddress | Apr 30, 2020


PhoneWatch was in need of our CRM Integration and retrospective Eircoding in order to streamline logistics and get accurate location data for their customers in order to provide the best service. 

Here's what Anthony O’Callaghan, an IT manager at PhoneWatch, had to say about Autoaddress:

“Currently we have Autoaddress integrated with our CRM and are quite happy with it.

The retrospective Eircoding service you offer is an excellent service, I’ve found that to be really excellent. Besides that, I've never noticed any down time on your other service, which is great. It’s been stable for us in general, never impacted our ability to work due to a downtime or some other technical issue as such which I appreciate.

Also, I know my colleagues would use the developer section of your site a fair bit and it’s really good, they really like it, it has great information. The guys really think it’s handy. All their questions are answered there. 

Overall I’d say Autoaddress is definitely one of the better suppliers that we work with. Never had any problems with the service and it's helped us tremendously with customer data."

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