Posted by Autoaddress | Apr 30, 2020


Payzone was in need of accurate address capture in order to better communicate with their customers and streamline logisitcs. 

Here's what Maire Mohally, Payzone Product Manager and Olivia Noonan, the Marketing Director at Payzone, had to say about Autoaddress: 

"Autoaddress has made it much easier for use to accurately collect addresses and Eircodes.

We started with Autoaddress because we have an app and customers need to enter their address, and part of that is the Eircode. We need them to enter the correct Eircode and Autoaddress makes it a lot easier for them to do that and for it to be correct. It makes it easier for them but also it’s easier for our sake.

“[Autoaddress] has made it easier for customers, and it’s more secure now. We know it’s the correct address and don’t need to go back over it and we know it’s not different to what it should be, so our delivery has been greatly improved.”  

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