Credit Logic

Posted by Autoaddress | Apr 30, 2020

Credit Logic

Credit Logic was in need of our API to streamline their checkout process, improve user experience on their website, and enhance customer communication.

Here's what Mary Brennan, COO of Credit Logic, had to say about Autoaddress: 

“The plugin has helped us tremendously with avoiding friction at checkout with customers. The product is nice and clean, there is clear documentation all throughout, and overall we really like the product​. 

The onboarding call with the technical team was very smooth. Onboarding and integration was a lot faster than I thought – you know, thought it was going to take much longer, but was really pleased with how fast and smooth the integration went. Onboarding and the integration was really the smoothest we’ve had with anyone. Michael was very helpful, very engaging, you know made it very easy. And the documentation is really clear and smooth, easy to take in.

I would absolutely recommend it to others – in fact we have recommended it before. We get people asking like, 'Wow, what is that' and we tell them it’s from Autoaddress, so we would absolutely recommend it to others."

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