Bank of Ireland Payments Acceptance

Posted by Autoaddress | Apr 30, 2020

Bank of Ireland

Bank of Ireland was in need of Autoaddress's data cleansing services in order to streamline their logistics and ensure the data they had on file for customers was as accurate as possible. 

Here's what Saoirse Allen, a marketing executive at Bank of Ireland, had to say about Autoaddress: 

"We manage marketing campaigns to customers and we mail out payment devices to them.  So we had a contact book that we wanted to update and ensure we had the best customer contact details on file.  We had had problems in the past with bad or out of date details.  That creates problems with devices not getting to the right place or being delayed, then we have to deal with the customer on to us etc.  So, we knew we needed to use you guys to help tidy that up for us.   

I think the biggest value add was, well there were a couple of them.  Having the addresses cleaned really helped with this particular marketing campaign, it made it much easier to get it done.  Almost every time we run one of these we run into lots of problems with returns or undeliverables.  It’s a bit of a nightmare for us and has knock on effects.  Lots of extra time is taken up having to review and deal with these and quite annoying knowing the cost of each packet going out to have them returned, damaged etc.   

And not only the marketing packets but the actual payment units need to go to the right customer, the last thing we want is for returns or delays there.   

So, yeah, definitely cost is a factor we look at for every campaign.  So not only having the addresses correct made a difference but then, because we had a 90% accuracy rate on our postings that allowed us to get a reduced postage rate from An Post.  That gave us a 30% cost saving which is significant.   

The cost saving was great and then the better flow for the mailouts, that really was the most impact we saw.  My team was very happy with everything, we were able to manage things from our end, there wasn’t any issues or friction, everything worked great."

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