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Posted by Autoaddress | Aug 10, 2018

Pieta House faced a challenge having to process a high volume of t-shirt returns due to incorrect addresses entered during the registration process for Darkness Into Light. Darkness Into Light is Pieta House's flagship annual fundraising and awareness event, organised in May each year. Autoaddress was implemented in the Pieta House website, speeding up address capture while also validating the address at the point of entry.

Over 200,000 people took part in Darkness Into Light at 160 venues across the globe before dawn on May 12th 2018, crossing the finish line as the sun began to rise. 


In the past, Pieta House used free text fields in their registration form, including the address part. This led to many addresses being entered incorrectly and subsequently to a considerable volume of returned event t-shirts. This had a significant financial impact, both on the postage/returns fees and the extra administration costs. Consequently, Pieta House was looking for an error-free address capture and validation tool to include on their website. The Autoaddress address capture and validation tool was implemented in the Pieta House website. Our jQuery Plugin with a simple set of step-by-step instructions allowed the client to have Autoaddress up and running on their website in minutes.


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Validating the address in real-time, while maintaining it in the user’s preferred format, ensured accurate deliveries and an improved experience for mobile users, streamlining the checkout process and increasing customer satisfaction. Autoaddress allows users to enter their "preferred address" which is stored in the client’s CRM system; this is just one of the many address-intelligent features unique to Autoaddress.

Brian McEvoy, Fundraising & Events Coordinator at Pieta House states:


Darkness into Light has grown into one the world’s largest events of its kind. This brings its challenges to a not for profit organisation. A big part of this event is the Darkness into Light t-shirt. Participants see it as more than something to wear at the event. It holds meaning and a reason why they walk at 4.15am, a memory of someone they hold dear. One of our challenges this year was to make sure that each participant received their Darkness into Light t-shirt and this is why we chose Autoaddress. It allowed us to have the piece of mind that every address we were capturing at the registration point was the correct one and that we could deliver their t-shirt on time. We were really impressed with how effective the Autoaddress was and how easy it was to integrate with our registration platform. I would not hesitate to recommend this system in the future, and I look forward to working with them again for next year’s Darkness into Light event.


Autoaddress implementation also resulted in an additional benefit: implementation of address validation software eliminates the possibility of personal data (e.g. name) being entered in inappropriate data fields, e.g. address fields, helping with GDPR compliance.

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