5 Years of Eircode

Posted by Kaity Klonowski | Jul 01, 2020

5 Years of Eircode

Happy Birthday Eircode!

This month, Autoaddress celebrates the Eircode’s 5th anniversary. The creation and introduction of the Eircode was revolutionary for Irish addressing. Before 2015, Ireland was one of the few developed countries that didn't have a postcode system.  Throughout Ireland there are approximately 800,000 non-unique addresses – meaning that they have no house name or number. Deliveries to these addresses used to be a challenge - customers frequently had to provide detailed and lengthy directions for the delivery driver, making a simple delivery into a scavenger hunt.  

 Eircode was specifically designed to overcome Ireland’s addressing problem. An Eircode is a smart location code for all Irish addresses. Unlike other countries, where postcodes define clusters or groups of addresses, an Eircode identifies an individual address – rural or urban – and shows exactly where it is located. This means every residential address and business receives a unique Eircode. 


Autoaddress & Eircode 

When Eircode was first introduced, we appended over 46 million Eircodes to government records. Today, we append Eircode ​for industries varying from transport and logistics to insurance, telecoms, financial services, eCommerce, local government, retail, and more.  


Use of our address entry API continues to increase month on month, in June we processed over 12 million FindAddress API calls, peaking at 48 thousand addresses per hour. You can check how many API calls we’ve had in realtime here:  https://status.autoaddress.ie/. Our status page takes a live feed from our log files and displays this information on a Google Map in real-time, as well as updating the API calls counter for the day. Our service is in use 24/7 so you should see activity no matter what time you visit the page. 

Eircode usage is widespread across multiple industries, but unsurprisingly the top usage is by our Courier customers who verify, sort and deliver tens of thousands of parcels every day with Eircode.  Eircode has dramatically reduced their manual sortation requirements, improved the efficiency of their logistics planning and allowed timely delivery to previously difficult to find rural addresses.  Now, an Eircode will accurately identify delivery and pick-up points. This is particularly useful for the 35% of addresses in Ireland without a name or number, improving allowing for improved logistics and distribution planning. It also provides better and faster customer services based on a customer’s location, which improves user experience and reduces the chance of website cart abandonment. It makes sense; if customers are unable to find their address at the checkout, they'll likely abandon. Likewise, if delivery drivers can't find the customer's address, they'll likely send it back.  Including a field for Eircode in your online checkout solves that problem.  

Eircode can also help your business to plan more effectively and provide essential services within communities such as social education, housing and health services. By capturing and storing Eircodes, you’ll provide your customers with a more efficient, user-friendly service, boosting your reputation and driving success in Ireland. 

The Gold Standard


To access Eircode information effectively, you need the gold standard of Eircode Address Validation. Autoaddress is the leading supplier of Eircode address solutions in Ireland. Since 2000, we have been helping customers in every industry, from government and financial to retail and insurance and beyond. 

You can start attaching Eircodes to your customer records in two ways; with our custom API software and with our Data Processing services. Not only will our custom API allow you to capture addresses effectively on your website or crm system, but we can also append eircodes to your existing address records, without having to ask your customers for the information. This accelerates the benefits of Eircodes to your business at a reduced cost. You can significantly reduce your efficiency and available insights if even 1% of your addresses have the wrong eircode appended. It isn't just your data analytics that will be affected - communicating an incorrect eircode to your customers is a reputational risk. 

 Don’t chance it – Eircode enable your organisation today! 


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