Responding to FTAI Challenge

Posted by Pat Donnelly | Jul 24, 2015

The Freight Transport Association of Ireland (FTAI) believe that Eircode doesn't provide the postcode that its members need.  They claim that a courier or parcel delivery person or a flower delivery person won't be able to use an Eircode when trying to complete a delivery.  

FTAI have mocked up an image and posted it on social media and sent it into radio stations to illustrate their point.  You can see the image at the top of this blog post. The specific delivery problem they cite is identifying adjacent non-unique addresses without house numbers. They claim that the "random" nature of Eircode means that it can't be used to deliver to one of these houses.  For example if you were given X79 105T you couldn't figure out whether to deliver to the red door or the white door because GPS isn't that accurate. FTAI have specifically stated "To verify #Eircode co-ords for this type of terrace, GPS with CEP <2.5m and >98% reliability required. Name a manufacturer?"

We're happy to inform ​FTAI that we have a solution to this problem.  Later today we will be launching a series of 12 geosynchronous satellites orbiting over Ireland at a cost of less than €1.4 billion which will dramatically increase the GPS accuracy of all smartphones in Ireland.......just kidding.  The real solution is.....drum roll dots on a map.  

An Eircode provides the exact map coordinates of the building, so it is simple to enter an Eircode into on your mobile and get turn-by-turn sat-nav directions directly to the house. (Eircode data hasn't been released to business yet, so you'll have to wait a little while for it to appear directly on Google Maps, Apple Maps, Sat Nav devices etc. who will all support Eircode in their products).  

Now X79 105T isn't a real Eircode, but we've looked up the real one and entered it into Finder and you get to the following success page:


If you click on the View on Map button you'll see the following


So if I'm standing outside this group of six houses I know from looking at the map that it is the third from the left, so I wander up to the white door and make my accurate delivery.  Thank you Eircode.

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