Brilliant first day of Eircode launch

Posted by Pat Donnelly | Jul 14, 2015

In our business you don't get many hugs.  People expect to enter their address in a form and move on to the next step of form filling.  One of the benefits of adding address validation into this process is to help speed up address entry.  Other countries have "official" addresses and postcodes, which makes life much easier.  In Ireland, there is no "official" version of your address.  However An Post do operate a Postal Address standard.  Yesterday Eircode was launched, and over a millionwere looked up with Eircode Finder which is powered by Autoaddress.  Did we get hugs?  Sadly no, just a lot of people who weren't familiar with their postal address giving out to Eircode.  Yet in order to give out, Eircode Finder was able to provide an Eircode despite the differences in how people record their own address.  How?  That's what 15 years of providing address solutions in Ireland brings.  

We know that our customers don't want to engage in unnecessary arguments with their users about their address when capturing a reliable eircode.  Our vanity address mode was designed to deal with these issues, allowing users to enter addresses as they like, and displaying addresses in their preferred format (noone gets the "wrong County" for example).  This is just one of the Address Intelligent features you won't find in competing products.

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