• Autoaddress Status Page

    Posted by Kaity Klonowski | Nov 04, 2019

    We have re-designed our API status page https://status.autoaddress.ie ​You can visit this page to determine if the Autoaddress API is experiencing any issues, or has experienced an issue in the past 24 hours. Our status page takes a live feed from our log files and displays this information on a Google Map in real-time, as well as updating the API calls counter for the day. Our service is in use 24/7 so you should see activity no matter what time you visit the page.

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  • Autoaddress 1.x End of Product Life Cycle Notice

    Posted by Kevin Santiago | Apr 03, 2019

    1st March 2019 is the End of Product Life Cycle for Autoaddress 1.8 and older versions. Customers must migrate to Autoaddress 2.0 before this date. Customers are advised to contact our support team who will assist with the transition.

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  • Autoaddress Outage Report 16th March

    Posted by Peter Finch | Mar 21, 2012

    All three live Autoaddress servers failed almost simultaneously, causing a 3 minute outage of the service. We were poised to switch across to our backup service on Microsoft Azure Cloud, but the service was up and running again on Amazon before we had completed the manual transfer steps.

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